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Instructions specific to this script:
Important: Optmyzr’s Enhanced scripts are not yet compatible with Google’s new scripts experience. So, it is recommended to not move scripts to the new experience in Google Ads, as it may result in scripts not working as expected. Our team is actively working on upgrading to the new version and will keep you updated about the progress of the same.

Here's what you need to replace to make this work for you...

In the section 'var accountFlags', replace the 10 digit numbers with the account ID of each account that will pull keywords from the shared negatives list. Then for each of those accounts, in the section 'campaignsToUpdate', replace the examples like 'Brand campaign' and 'Sweatshirts campaign' with the campaign names that will use the shared negatives. Multiple campaigns within one account should be comma separated, e.g.

'campaignsToUpdate': 'campaign name 1, campaign name 2',

Update the URL following 'var NEGATIVE_MASTER_LIST' with the URL to your Google spreadsheet that contains the negative keyword list. Be sure this spreadsheet has shared access to your Google account used for logging in to AdWords.
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